Shipping Update

November 25, 2021

Hello! We're so excited to tell you that if you have not already received your Freedom Phone, you will very soon!

Due to the holidays and slower than normal shipping teams, you will receive your Freedom Phone between now and the next few weeks. Despite delays, we're so thrilled to announce that we're almost there!

Freedom Phones have already arrived for some customers and we've been overwhelmed with the positive feedback. Users across the country and even the world are enjoying their Freedom Phones, and the remaining patient patriots will soon be able to do the same.

At Freedom Phone, we're a small upstart company that has faced some growing pains and hurdles. Big-Tech and mainstream media sources have done their best to shut us down. Despite all this and factors outside of our control, we've still been able to deliver a quality product to customers seeking an alternative to Big-Tech's anti-American phones.

You've joined us on a very important mission: fighting back against Big-Tech. We're so proud to have you with us, and every day we win more and more battles. If you haven't already, you'll soon be able to hold in your hand the first truly American, uncensorable, secure phone: The Freedom Phone

Thank you for sticking with us and helping in the fight against Big-Tech and the elite agendas against the common American.

Freedom Phone