October Shipping Update

October Shipping Update

We’re continuously grateful for your ongoing support for our fight for freedom against the tyranny of Big Tech. We know that it took courage to join us, and we’re looking forward to the day that we can put a Freedom Phone in your hands to show you that the fight is winnable.

As we’ve mentioned before, the current unprecedented global supply chain issues have slowed the delivery of crucial materials needed to manufacture our state-of-the-art Freedom Phones. More specifically, the lack of high-tech chips needed in these devices has slowed the production of not only our phones, but other advanced technology as well, including Teslas, passenger jets, and more. As a result of this widespread shortage in crucial parts, we won’t be able to ship the bulk of our orders until November.

However, we’re excited to see the efforts we’ve put in to improve our own supply chain are beginning to pay off! We have made significant progress towards shipping Freedom Phones to our customers, and each day we get closer to our ultimate goal of gaining the upper hand on Big Tech. We’re almost there! We will be emailing you again later this month to provide you with an exact delivery date in the month of November, stay tuned!

This is bad news for Silicon Valley, and we fully expect them to fight tooth and nail to slow us. No matter the size of the storm, we aren’t backing down - and we know you aren’t, either. By sticking with us, you’re helping to poke holes in this cloud cover and let the light in. Let’s keep doing our part to weather the storm and make it through to the other side, it’s going to be a beautiful sight to see.

Our Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have about your order. Otherwise, we’ll contact you again in late October to provide you with more specific details about when you can expect your shipment in the month of November.

- Freedom Phone Team