Shipping Update

December 20, 2021

We’re so grateful for your support in the fight against Big Tech’s censorship. We know you’ve been waiting for the shipment of your Freedom Phone, and we’d like to provide you an update on the status of your order.

Due to an unprecedented global shortage of the microchips used to manufacture advanced computers, production of the Freedom Phone has slowed. This problem isn’t unique to us; Apple is facing similar issues with their smartphones, and even car manufactures like Tesla and General Motors have been hit hard. As a result of this widespread shortage in crucial parts, we won’t be able to ship the bulk of our orders until November.

This is deeply upsetting to us, and we know it might be upsetting to you as well. We don’t want to hold your money for longer than you anticipated, which is why we continue to offer a full refund on your order if you request one prior to shipment, as always. However, as an apology for this inconvenience, and to thank you for your grace, we are preloading $50 of cryptocurrency onto every Freedom Phone that ships out in the coming months. We believe that anything that empowers you to live a decentralized, liberty-focused life is good, and giving you some cryptocurrency is an obvious way to enable you to live more freely.

First, it was the payment processors trying to freeze your payments and lock you out of a privacy-focused smartphone. Then, we had broadside attacks from Big Tech that failed to slow us down behind the scenes. Now, we’re seeing the entire world’s supply chain take a beating as decades of poorly planned policies and bad trade decisions come to a head. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when worldwide industries are mismanaged, look no further than what’s happening now.

You bought a Freedom Phone because you believe privacy is worth it, the free flow of information is worth it, and removing yourself from the clutches of Silicon Valley is worth it. If you still hold these values, we ask that you remain in the fight with us as we continue to build an escape route away from Big Tech.

Our Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have about your order. Otherwise, we’ll contact you again when we have another update, or when your shipment is on its way.


Freedom Phone Team