We Started Shipping

Breaking News: First batch of Freedom Phone being shipped 

We’ve been humbled by the outpouring of support we received in emails, on social media, and through purchases of the Freedom Phone. Our website is receiving an unprecedented number of sales as people around America, just like you, are buying their very own Freedom Phone.   Although Big Tech has tried every trick in the book to slow us down, we’ve managed to out maneuver them at every turn.  

We are happy to confirm that we will start shipping out Freedom Phone orders next week.  Keep on the lookout for your shipping notification.  Once you receive your Freedom Phone, you’ll have instant access to our uncensored app store, encrypted messaging, and a suite of privacy tools to keep prying eyes out of your conversations.

Meanwhile we are scaling our Customer Support team, securing more phones for future orders and spreading the word about our solution to Silicon Valley’s censorship and spying.  Get ready to enjoy a breath of fresh air as you gain back the ability to say, see, and think what you want – without fear of Silicon Valley watching your every move. Freedom is on the way!

We appreciate your patience. Please check the Updates section of our website https://freedomphone.com for future announcements.